6 Things Your Website Needs to Convert Online Customers

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If you currently have an influx of extra time, use it to do some much needed housekeeping on your business website! Follow the 6 tips below to complete an audit of your website and provide the best possible online experience your customers. It is time to start converting these online visitors into loyal brand fans!


  1. Simple Navigation
    • How many times have you not followed through with a purchase or left a website due to frustrating complications? It is essential to provide customers with easy and clear navigation through your website. Customers should have a seamless shopping experience with no annoying roadblocks. The most important information should be easily accessible.Do a quick audit on your website navigation by pretending you are a new customer:
        • Are you able to clearly understand what products and services the business sells?
        • Is there a clear pathway through the website leading you to make a you a purchase?
        • Did you encounter any frustrating or confusing roadblocks?


    1. Proof Your “About” Page
      • Your About page is your main hub for communicating your story to your customers. They want to know your mission, your values and be able to connect with the brand. It is often one of the most visited pages for business websites. What to include on your business about page:
          • Your business story.
          • Your target customers.
          • Make it clear why you are different.
          • Introduce the founders/staff.
          • Links to your social media.
          • Make it confident, creative and easy to read!


      1. Remove Excess Fluff
        • Keep it simple! Remove any extra information from your website that is not value adding for the customer. You never want to distract potential customers from your message and offering with extra noise.


        1. Contact Details
          • The more accessible you make your contact information to potential customers, the more inquiries, leads and engagement you will get! Making it simple for customers to get in touch with your business allows them to further interact and connect with the brand. Add contact sections throughout the website (or even on every page).


          1. Clear Call to Actions
            • What is your goal? Is it to build your email list? Find leads? Get customers to purchase your product? Make sure you have clear call to actions to lead customers down that path. Whether it is a pathway to shopping your newest arrivals page or promoting lead management by having visitors subscribe to your email, it is important to have a clear call to action. Think of your specific business goals and what steps the customer needs to take to meet them.


            1. Answer How You Solve Your Customers’ Problems
              • What problem is your customer having that they are seeking out your product/service? Why does your business have the best solution for them? Make sure you are writing to the perspective of the customer and how your offering benefits them. It is also a great idea to back this up by credible customer review and testimonials!


              Designing your business website is no small task and essential features can easily be missed. The importance of your business website should not be overlooked. We hope that these 6 tips can help your website convert your visitors into loyal customers. LLF is an open space for small business owners and their supporters. If you have any additional tips to share, feel free to leave a comment!

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