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25 FREE Resources to Help Run Your Business Remotely

The task of getting your business up and running remotely may seem overwhelming. Look Local First has compiled a list of some of the best free online resources for business owners learning to run their remote business. These are also great tools that transition into a traditional work environment (many of which we currently use)! 

Free Website Platforms

The heart of a remote business is your website! Not only does a website help you you’re your products/services, but it allows people find your business on the internet and inform customers on valuable information about your business! Some free (or very inexpensive) and easy website platforms to get your online business running quick are:


Free Design Tools

There are a ton of free design tools for business owners on the internet. They make it easy to take your marketing to the next level and achieve a high quality look on a budget. Utilize these free design tools to create stunning visuals from your couch:

  • Canva: our favorite! - design anything in minutes with thousands of beautiful templates, graphics and images
  • Google Fonts: make and download fonts
  • Hubspot Infographic templates: easy and uniquely designed document templates
  • PlaceIt: create document and logo designs in seconds
  • BeFunky: graphic design for beginners
  • Unsplash: quality free images 
  • Vsco: the best photo editing app
  • Easil: drag-and-drop design tool that empowers your whole team to create visual content so good, it looks like a pro designed it


Free Marketing and Business Tools

These platforms and resources are worth using! They help to manage your marketing efforts and view insights into the success of your campaigns.

  • Hubspot: offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software — plus the methodology, resources, and support — to help businesses 
  • MailChimp: email marketing and newsletter platform
  • Survey Monkey: allows you to gather feedback, collect data, and analyze survey results
  • Wave: accounting software
  • Mint: budgeting and financial software
  • FreedCamp: project management software
  • Wrike: task and management platform


Perhaps one of the most important; free business communication tools. Learning to stay in touch remotely doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these free tools to keep your business communication running seamlessly:

  • Slack: brings a team together with remote workplace communication
  • Zoom: group video chatting
  • Skype: group video chatting
  • Google docs: safe and secure file sharing


We hope that this list of free business resources helps you navigate running your remote business. Take this as an opportunity to learn new skills to strengthen your business! Whether it is revamping the website or testing the waters with online work communication, there are most definitely positives to be learned out of working remotely. LLF is a community of small business owners and their supporters. Feel free to leave a comment with any other resources your may have used at your business!

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