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2 Simple Steps to Gain More Email Subscribers

Still trying to expand your email subscribers and are ready to throw in the towel on growing your list? Read below to push past that painfully slow, initial push to build the email list of your dreams.

1. Offer Value

Customers today are more mindful and protective of their email addresses than they used to be. Whether or not you feel your content is worthwhile, customers are only willing to share their info with someone they trust and believe they’ll gain value from.

Thus, the reason I urge you to refrain from using the simplistic tagline of “join your newsletter.” It’s unenticing and doesn’t openly present any real value. In fact, all it does is imply that they’ll get more emails, which I’m sure is most likely at the bottom of their wish list.

Instead, teach them something or offer something of value. “Get a free guide on pinpointing the ideal social media channel for your business” is far more compelling than “join my newsletter.”

People are searching for solutions to their questions. If you aren’t getting the email sign-ups you’re looking for, odds are your audience doesn’t understand how you help them answer any of their questions.

Guidelines for success:

  1. Think of your audience and what questions they may have related to your topic.
  2. Can you provide answers or solutions to those questions? Write out a course of action they need to take.
  3. Now write emails for each of those actions and compile them together as an email campaign.
  4. Promote it for free on your website or blog, and set up the emails as a drip sequence after someone signs up.
  5. That’s it! You just created an email campaign full of solutions your audience is looking for.

It might seem small, but that adjustment can mean the difference between an email list that goes on for miles, and a digital ghost town. 


2. Be Intentional and Understand Who Your Audience Is

When you are growing your email list, keep in mind that it isn’t just a list. There are real people behind those email addresses that are choosing to sign up to hear about what you have to say and offer. One of the easiest ways to fail when growing your email subscriber list is thinking too big too fast.

A massive list full of the wrong people is not only useless, it can be frustrating and expensive for your business. Open rates will be non-existent and your brand growth won’t budge. Instead, focus on your audience. Be intentional with your content and place your efforts on serving, providing value and finding solutions to their questions.

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