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Supporting Local; What's the big deal?

Did you know that for every $100 you spend at a local business, approximately $68 of that will stay in your community? Although building the local economy is a vital aspect, it is just one of the reasons supporting small businesses is essential for your community!


Keepin' it local

Local business owners are more likely to share the same local love as the community. They are more likely to work with other local businesses such as farms, service providers, banks, distributors, or marketing agencies.

Giving back

 Small business owners are more likely to return more than three times as much money to their community. This means they donate to the local sports teams, charities and even put money into the infrastructure and developments in your city.

Job creation

The small business community employs more than 65% of all new jobs. And they hire locally, which keeps people in your city that can find work and make money.

Care for community

The owners of these small businesses are your neighbors, family, and friends; they care about the genuine well-being of your community and the future of where you live. Who better to support than the entrepreneurs that love your community just as much as you do.

Helping our planet 

Small business owners often value supporting other local businesses, too, leading them to source goods from other small makers and resulting in a smaller carbon footprint than large corporations.

The personal touch

The service you receive at a small business is unparalleled. If you visit frequently enough, the owner usually remembers your name and shopping habits. There’s nothing better than showing up at your favorite cafe and seeing your go-to order waiting for you!

Community over competition

These owners are constantly working to add new products or services that benefit their consumers. They must do this to keep up with large corporations, their competition. It is so important to support pure entrepreneurship so that we can continue to better our communities.

Your vote, your future

Every time you spend your money, you cast your vote for the type of society you want to live in. You have the power. When you spend your money locally, you help stimulate the local economy, which keeps business booming. You have to decide what kind of future you want for your community: one filled with chains carrying the same products or unique businesses offering goods tailored to you.

Character of your community

When business owners decide to plant their roots in a community, they help build its character. They make the community unique and special. I drive to the neighboring town for the best antiques curated for its consumers, not because they have the same target that’s already down the street!

Helping real people 

Your purchase means more to a small business owner than it does to the CEO of a billion-dollar franchise. You aren’t helping that CEO buy their third vacation home; you are helping a little girl get soccer lessons, a young entrepreneur hire their first employee, and a parent put food on the table. Where you spend your money affects real people, just like you.


If you haven’t noticed, supporting small businesses always circles back to supporting your community and those that live there. These are the people that took a risk to create something new and unique for the people they live around. One of the best and most simple quotes to relate is from the co-founders of Scarr’s Pizza, and they say, “Support each other. Why do you need a reason to do that besides the fact that it’s the right thing to do?“. We are here to amplify the voices of others and support people’s dreams, entrepreneurship, and innovation, so why not start with your own community!


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