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Small Business Spotlight: The Cookie Jar

Meet Madison, owner of The Cookie Jar, your new gourmet cookie dealer! Madison offers intricately decorated sugar cookies, gourmet cookies & drop cookies! 

Not only is she an absolute boss but she's also a stay-at-home mom! She has a viral TikTok series where she tests crock pot recipes so we don't have to! She LOVES the office so she's not superstitious, but she is a little stitious. 

She currently resides in central Iowa with her husband and 4 kiddos! 

Check out the Q&A with her below to learn more about Madison, her business, and more!



LLF: Tell us a little bit about yourself! 
TCJ: My name is Madison and I am a stay-at-home mom to 4 kiddos, with a true passion for baking. I have always LOVED baking, even from a young age.
I remember visiting my nanny (grandma) and watching the cooking channel with her. We baked in the kitchen and I think that is what truly sparked my interest.
I started my business when I was due with our 2nd child. I had just been let go from my job, my husband and I decided it was best for me to stay home, but I am very much a busybody. I had to have something to do. That is when I explored the idea of making cookies. 
I had ordered from another amazing local cookier (Freckled Flour Girl) for my son's birthday, and I was so intrigued. I decided one day to try it. It took me all day, they were rock hard and tasted like play dough. The cookies looked absolutely hideous and I decided then and there that was not my calling. 
We had a family reunion coming up and my husband talked me into trying again, and from there I found a recipe I liked, I went with simpler designs, and it just continued to grow. 
I have been open for almost 5 years now, and it is truly my passion! My business has seen some of my best and worst times! I have had 3 kids while my business has been open, I moved, we survived Covid, I had a stroke, my business and family have always kept me going and I feel like that is why I have continued to grow to where I am today!
I am currently brainstorming SO many ideas for my favorite holiday, Halloween! Pre-sale for those will open in late September and we will also be attending the Boss Babe Pop Up on September 16th! 
LLF: How did you start your business? 
TCJ: I kind of hit my own rock bottom. I was 8 months pregnant and just got let go due to the company shutting down. I decided I needed something to keep me busy at home while also bringing in an income! My inspiration was my family. I always wanted a family and children, but I did not want to be away from them. This job gave me the flexibility to be with my kids while they grow up, and also gave me a healthy creative outlet.


LLF: What is your most popular item? 

TCJ: My most popular is the decorated sugar cookies. Many people don’t know that I also offer gourmet cookies and drop cookies as well. I have done large events for companies where the gourmet and drop cookies are VERY popular! My biggest order being for 200 drop cookies!
LLF: What has been your biggest small business win?
TCJ: My biggest small business win is my growth. I never imagined I would be here today, with the opportunities I have had. I have been fortunate enough to get some very useful tools for my business such as a Direct To Food printer, a 30 qt mixer, 3D printer, all things that help my business expand and grow.


LLF: How do you balance being a small business owner and a mama? 
TCJ: I am not really sure if there is quite a balance yet. I am still growing and learning how to juggle everything, while also continuing to grow our family. We are now expecting baby number 5, and I feel like with every child, comes a new obstacle of how to deal with babies in the house, while also getting work done!
LLF: What cookie themes are you eager to create? 
TCJ: My current BIG wish list themes that I cannot wait to get booked are 
  • Wednesday themed (Addams family)
  • Happy Little Dude themed
  • Target themed
  • Disneyland theme
  • Pop The Bubbly themed


LLF: What is something you wish your customers knew? 
TCJ: One thing I wish my customers knew is that they are the reason I still do what I do. The creativeness of some of my clients, the trust they put in me to get their vision right, the amount of love and kindness they show when they love the product I put out, its truly the reason I do what I do!
LLF: What is the best advice you've gotten as a small business owner? 
TCJ: Never stop bettering yourself and your business. I still to this day learn new tips, tricks, techniques, and everything that could and does help my business! I always try to keep an open mind and continue to educate myself on current trends, techniques, etc.



LLF: Top 3 favorite small businesses? 
TCJ: My top 3 favorite small businesses are
LLF: Why do you think it's important to support other small businesses? 
TCJ: I think supporting other small business owners is important because it supports the community. I also think it makes for great relationships in the community. My favorite thing about the cookie community here in DSM and the surrounding cities is that we are all there for each other. We bounce ideas off each other, we help with sharing cookie cutters, or refer clients to one another. It truly becomes a big community and I love the relationships I have made by supporting another small business owner. In the end, we all need a little help and if a purchase or liked post or recommendation I make can help that business, I will do it 10 times over. 



LLF: If you were a cookie, what kind would you be and why? 

TCJ: If I was a cookie, I would be a monster cookie. While I may look normal on the outside, I am a little bit crazy on the inside. (In all good ways though)!
We want to thank Madison for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to give her a follow on her socials and shoot her an email or fill out the form here to place an order! Remember you can also find her at the Boss Babe Pop Up at Water Works Park in Des Moines, IA on September 16th! 
Connect with Madison: 
Facebook: The Cookie Jar 

Are you a small business or non-profit interested in being spotlighted? Let's connect! 
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All photos and logos featured are the property of The Cookie Jar! Please contact the owner before using her copyrighted materials.

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