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7 Ways To Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching which means it's time for parties, homemade meals, and LOTS of shopping. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays small business can often be left behind in favor of big box retailers like Amazon and Walmart. After the rough few years we've had, they are need our support more than ever. Here are 7 simple ways to support small businesses this holiday season! 


1. Look Local First. 

Before purchasing from a big box store or major online retailer; check to see if a local small business has the item you're looking for. Small businesses often carry similar items that larger retailers do. It also helps ensure you have your gifts on time and cuts out worrying about shipping delays. If you can't shop in person, most local spots will offer online shopping options with curbside or in-store pickup!


2. Shop Early. 

Shopping early not only helps with making sure you get your gifts on time; but it also helps small businesses. The boost in revenue will help them better navigate the holiday season and also allows them to invest in ways to ensure a seamless purchasing and shipping process. Shopping early also helps reduce the amount of last minute shopping and shipping. This is especially important when shopping with small businesses that are E-Commerce based. It's also important to remember that sometimes there are supply chain and shipping delays that are beyond the control of the business owner.


3. Dine out, order takeout, or delivery. 

The holiday season is a great time to support your favorite local eateries and online bakeries. Many restaurants, bakeries, small grocers, and beverage shops will offer unique, limited time, menu items. There are also a lot of places who will offer delicious take-and-bake options to help you reduce the stress of preparing holiday meals. If you are having a holiday party or gathering skip the chain restaurants and opt to have your event catered by a local dining establishment. 


4. Leave a review or recommendation. 

Consumers are 4x more likely to make a purchase when they have a recommendation from a friend or loved one. Be sure to leave a positive review for your favorite small businesses and keep them in mind if a friend is asking for a recommendation. Also considering engaging with their social media accounts and sharing their posts. Never under estimate the power of a referral!


5. Purchase with purpose. 

Consumers purchasing habits drive the market. Our purchasing habits have the ability to make or break a small business. Be intentional when shopping and keep your favorite small businesses in mind when shopping and dining out this holiday season. Small businesses are the first to support their communities. They are often the first to volunteer their products or services to local schools and other fundraising efforts. It's very important to support them the way that they support us! 


6. Donate or volunteer. 

During the holiday season non-profits work harder than ever to take care of the communities they serve. Look for a local non-profit that is close to your heart and consider donating your time or a monetary donation. This is the perfect time of year to show gratitude and give back! If you are looking for local non-profit organizations, be sure to check your cities chamber of commerce website! 


7. Practice patience and kindness.

The holiday season can be very stressful; especially small business owners. Please keep in mind that they may not have the same logistic access or resources that many larger retailers do. There may be shipping delays that are out of the control of the business owner. Remember that behind every small business is a real person who is pouring everything they have into helping customers have a perfect holiday. A little bit of patience and kindness can make a huge difference! 


We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season! 


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