10 Action Items to Grow Your Customer Base

Posted by Olivia Hall on

As a business owner, you’re without a doubt, critically aware that your client base is the lifeline of your company. A steady stream of new customers allows you to grow your business and fulfill your company vision. Follow these simple action items below to generate and maintain the customer base of your dreams!

  1. Measure what works for you. Be sure to track where your referrals come from through Google Analytics and your contact form, and which sources offer the most value
  2. Make the most of your networks and encourage customer advocacy. Ask family and friends or current customers to spread awareness through word of mouth or testimonials on your website to attract new leads
  3. Follow up with past clients to see if there is anything they need; (Key Tip: refer a new product or service you may now be offering since their past customer experience!)
  4. Take 10 minutes a day to comment on other accounts on Instagram or Facebook - consistency is key
  5. Join a new Facebook group relative to your ideal customer base/industry and actively engage in the group
  6. Look up small business events to attend in your area and attend one; (Key Tip: Can’t find one? Organize one!)
  7. Try to collaborate with someone who doesn’t offer the exact same product/services as you and who has an audience aligned with your ideal client
  8. Look over your site traffic and see how people are finding your website. From referrals? Google? Pinterest? Instagram/Facebook?
  9. Try to be as consistent as possible on social media (Posting to Instagram 2-3 times a day, engaging with your audience through Insta stories, pinning on pinterest, etc.)
  10. Perform a website audit and think about how your website is or isn’t converting to clients. How is your messaging? Can people understand what you do and access your content correctly? Where are people clicking on your site? Are your products and services explained well? Are there lots of calls to action to contact you?

It's important to identify your customer base because these people are incredibly valuable to your business and its bottom line. Implementing these action items will help your marketing, sales, and customer service teams build and maintain a productive relationship with your customer base.

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